Vape Vibe, LLC
Your One Stop Vape Shop

Vape Vibe, LLC
Your One Stop Vape Shop

Vape Vibe, LLC
One Stop, Vape Shop

Premium Electronic Cigarette Store
Office - 814-742-8283

Location 1

415 C Orchard Plaza

Altoona Pa 16602

Hours M-S 10-9, Sunday 12-6

Location 2

Galleria Mall

500 Galleria Drive
Johnstown, Pa

M-S 10-9, Sunday 11-5

Vape Vibe, LLC was established to provide answers to the local community regarding vaping and to supply the very best products to customers. The President and Vice President of the company decided to make the “switch” from tobacco smoking to vaping. Many website distributors provided tutorials, information and even youtube videos explaining the products and how vaping works, however some of their questions were still not answered. Face to face interaction was needed to answer questions.

As the venture continued they purchased and tested numerous products and continued to educate themselves about the world of vaping. Throughout this research phase many colleagues, friends and family members began to inquire and ask questions, it was then the realization hit. Central Pennsylvania needed a shop with actual people there to answer questions and provide the face to face interaction needed when individuals sought out to make the “switch” from using tobacco to vaping. Thus Vape Vibe was born.

Mission Statement:

The ultimate goal is obviously to “switch” all tobacco smokers to Vapors. This “switch” provides for the same satisfaction of smoking without the tar, carbon monoxide, toxins, horrible smell, yellow teeth, bad breath and EMPTY POCKETS. Vape Vibe provides quality products and answers. The goal is to make the transition easy and enjoyable.