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5.56 Reloaded .270 Reloaded .45
5.56 Reloaded
Our Price: $23.58
.270 Reloaded
Our Price: $23.58
Our Price: $23.58
Gorilla Warfare has a different take on its' original 5.56 with 5.56 Reloaded! A Tropical Cactus Kiwi flavor that is truly unique and an amazing all day vape. Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels in 120ml bottles. Gorilla Warfare .270 Reloaded Eliquid. .270 Ejuice by Gorilla Warfare lets you feast on a fluffy puff pastry dessert, slathered with rich and creamy strawberry frosting and dusted lightly with sweet powdered sugar. This eliquid doesn't fight fair in the war to claim your vape taste buds in the fight for cloud victory! In firearm terminology, a .45 handgun cartridge was crafted to be used for chambering an automatic colt pistol, widely known and respected for blasting a powerful blast.
.308 5.56
Our Price: $23.58
Our Price: $23.58
A .308 in tactical warfare refers to a rimless bottlenecked Winchester bullet, and that is the perfect way to describe this flavor. This flavor boasts a triple whammy of warm and sun-ripened fresh fruit, featuring all of your summer favorites! First in this cornucopia of flavor is cold and sweet honeydew melons! Freshly scooped spheres of sweet honeydew melon glisten in the heat of the mid-morning sun, gathered by the cartload to ensure a burst of rich and smooth melon goodness. Next, we have sun-sweetened strawberries, ripe and juicy. Before we dive into this unusual flavor, let's start with a quick snippet of tactical warfare info: a 5.56 in tactical warfare refers to a rimless bottlenecked cartridge for NATO rifles. This flavor was named for a bullet that doesn't miss, and this eliquid aims to do just that! A lone ranger stared out from underneath his wide-brim sombrero, eyebrows furrowed as he concentrated on something far in the distance. Without warning, this lone gunman fired a lone shot into the heart of a cactus, nearly 1000 yards away.